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Brooklyn,   New York,  Brooklyn Bridge, tuxedo, man, fashion, architecture, usa, cars, vehicle, metro 1.1k 17 80 brooklyn,  bridge,  city,  new york,  fog,  mist,  night,  lights,  moody,  nyc,  america,  downtown,  landmark,  architecture,  water,  structure 440 9 30 american,  flag,  bridge,  cables,  architecture,  structure,  sky,  brooklyn,  new york,  construction,  steel,  downtown,  landmark,  tourism,  suspension,  travel 425 2 10 new york,  travel,  brooklyn bridge, people, walk, structure, suspension, beams 550 3 35 american,  flag,  bridge,  usa,  brick,  architecture,  travel,  blue sky,  dramatic,  brooklyn,  new york 1.3k 37 205 fashion,  model,  couture,  Brooke,  photoshoot,  Brooklyn,  NY,  NYC, girl, beautiful,  hair, blue,  eyes, jacket, blonde 1.5k 5 100 urban, city, buildings, landmark, brooklyn, bridge, people, runners, jog, new york 910 24 110 Brooklyn Bridge, architecture, black and white, sky, city, urban 1.5k 18 461 Brooklyn bridge, architecture, city, night, dark, lights, lamp post, ropes 1.2k 4 217 new york, taxi, brooklyn, nostalgia, urban, yellow, city 1.6k 6 383 Brooklyn bridge, architecture, american, flag, New York 1.7k 24 465 Brooklyn bridge, architecture, people, pedestrians, city, New York, skyline, night, sky 2k 19 543 poster, bricks, wall, Brooklyn, New York, city, black and white 1.6k 21 380 Brooklyn, New York, fence, gate, sidewalk, buildings, city, storm, clouds, cloudy 1.1k 1 134 Brooklyn, bridge, architecture, New York, city, urban 1.6k 24 509