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industrial,  crane,  city,  harbor,  buildings,  engineering,  construction,  clouds,  steam,  water,  black and white,  import,  freight,  dock 155 0 10 sewer,  manhole,  cover,  street,  hole,  construction,  city,  road,  asphalt,  worker,  boot,  circle,  object,  industrial,  civil,  engineering 165 1 5 building,  construction,  city,  crane,  engineering,  development,  tall,  skyscaper,  sky,  architecture,  industrial,  modern,  business,  cityscape,  concrete,  windows 395 1 20 	architecture,   building,   infrastructure,   structure,   windows,  roof,  beams,  metal,  glass,  silhouette,  peak,  modern,  design,  city,  pattern,  engineering 280 2 25 city,  suspension,  bridge,  lake,  water,  architecture,  misty,  sunrise,  fog,  coast,  bay,  engineering,  design,  travel,  road,  mountain,  sky 545 5 65 city,  road,  tunnel,  auto,  underground,  lane,  highway,  travel,  commute,  drive,  engineering,  illuminated,  concrete 275 6 50   bridge,   silhouette,   city,   modern,   skyline,   cityscape,   engineering,   architecture,   walking,   urban,  person,  sunset,  buildings,  figure 470 4 70 people,  crossing,  bridge,  monochromatic,  silhouette,  city,  modern,  skyline,  pedestrians,  citizens,  cityscape,  figures,  engineering,  architecture,  walking, urban 575 7 65 golden,  gate,  bridge,  travel,  driving,  monochromatic,  california,  abstract,  coast,  city,  road,  landmark,  architecture,  engineering,  cables, san francisco 420 4 55 industrial,  machine,  gears,  metal,  cogs,  grayscale,  engineering,  manufacturing,  precision,  mechanical 980 24 330