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car, auto, vehicle, travel, trip, road, blur, traffic, trees, plant, city, urban, buildings 805 12 75 sea, ocean, blue, water, horizon, sky,  nature, travel, view 530 7 50 sea, ocean, water, nature, blue, underwater 485 2 10 clouds, sky, black and white, stairs, architecture, structure, people, silhouette, roller, coaster, ride, adventure 730 3 15 architecture, building, infrastructure, blue, sky, skyscraper, tower, road, street, pedestrian, lane, car, transportation, tree, plant, people, walking, city, urban, black and white 765 6 20 night, dark, buildings, architecture, aerial, view, rooftops, New York, NYC, city, urban, black and white, towers, high rises, skyscrapers 1.9k 10 334 New York, city, Empire State, buildings, downtown, towers, high rises, architecture, sky, clouds, black and white, urban 3.8k 34 1.5k